4 Practical Facts on Carpets That Everyone Should Be Aware Of
4 Practical Facts on Carpets That Everyone Should Be Aware Of
16 March 2018 Admin 0 Comments
There is hardly anyone who would be there to say that they haven’t lived in a house that has the floors covered with carpets. Given the aesthetics, it contributes to and the warmth the rooms receive with its presence, carpets become a great companion for all households.

While it is something all of us find comforting, there lies some facts about carpets its usage, its maintenance and how it contributes to our health in general. While there may be a few that you are aware of, there are several others that we intend to share with you.

Carpet Cleaning Facts

Carpets Do Not Receive That Level of Cleaning As It Should

To be frank, there are several homeowners out there who confess to experts on carpet and upholstery cleaning service that they either do not have the time to clean their carpets, they do the minimal cleaning as long as the carpet ‘looks’ clean while there are several who do not bother cleaning them at all. A carpet is made up of closely-knit fibres, and these are known to be a storehouse of dust, grime, food spills, pet excreta, outdoor muck, dead skin, hair, moisture and several other things that contribute to the ill health as well as indoor air pollution. When carpet cleaning is not taken up seriously, one shouldn’t blame the lifestyle or the place where the house is situated in for all such problems.

The Amount of Bugs and Mites That Live in Unclean Carpets is Horrendous

Multiple types of bacteria, salmonella, listeria and high concentration of pathogen called campylobacter is something that causes health issues like stomach ulcers, and diarrhea are known to be found in carpets that are left unclean. Dust mites, larvae of carpet beetle, cockroach eggs, fleas and similar deadly mites stay lurking down below while feasting themselves on dead skin, faeces, human and pet hair, food crumbs, dry sugar-based liquids, etc. Thinking of them itself is disgusting and living with them on a daily basis is something difficult.

The Kids and the Pets At Home Have Higher Risks of Illness

While pets love to roll themselves on the warm carpets and kids enjoy their playtime on the floor rather than on the bed, they are known to be the first to be attacked by deadly illness. A recent study also revealed that carpets are known to keep back cigarette ash and carcinogens from the cigarettes that adults smoke when indoors. Even if you make use of an ashtray and leave the windows open when you smoke, the carpets tend to take back a lot from you. While the kids and the pets spend time on the floor, they have a higher risk of lung cancer and other breathing problems that could retaliate when they grow up.

If You Own Carpets, It Is Your Responsibility to Clean It

Even though several claims that the chemicals that go into carpets when cleaning them can be more harmful to the body that the dirty carpets, let’s be very clear with this. There is nothing worse than being attacked by harmful bacteria and mites that cause numerous complicated health problems. Professionals for deep carpet cleaning are known to make use of organic techniques that are free from chemicals and are safe for you as well as the members of the family. Getting the carpets cleaned once in six months is something mandatory and should be made a part of the chores that cannot be avoided at any cost.

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