7 Signs to Tell That Your Carpets Need Professional Cleaning
28 December 2017 Admin 0 Comments
People who love to pursue green lifestyles or enjoy staying close to nature, choose cleaning products that cause less environmental harm and doesn’t make people prone allergies. While bearing the environmental factors in mind, people can’t even recognise how things like carpets, ducts, etc. are losing their serious concern.

People who have pets understand how daunting it is to keep their floors clean. Sometimes, homeowners do mistake in choosing cleaning products or sometimes go wrong in choosing cleaning methods that in turn make the carpets prone to mould and allergens.

So, it will be better if you approach any of the professional carpet cleaning companies in Sydney, instead of taking a DIY approach. Well, there are few signs to tell that your home needs serious attention in carpet cleaning instead of usual self-cleaning methods and products.

Did you know, without a proper carpet cleaning the indoor air run with the risk of accumulating dirt and allergens? So, when would you find that your carpets need a deep cleaning? Here are few signs to count.
No Circulation of Fresh Air

Energy efficient homes are tightly sealed than the homes usually found. Thus, the frequent air recirculation is necessary. Well, it makes the carpet cleaning more important as the carpet accumulate the dust, mould in the air and smells bad.
The Carpet Edges Are Getting Black Lines and Matted Fibres

The black lines that get visible across the perimeters where the carpets hit the doorways depicts that the dirt has started accumulating beneath the door, the gaps in the walls etc.
Dust Accumulation

Even if you clean the dust regularly, it will persist there and won’t go until you clean it thoroughly. Especially, ducts and carpets accumulate more dust, which could be the possible reason why air filters in a heating or cooling systems are need to be changed.
Health Issues Start Taking Place

If you have started facing asthma or respiratory health issues, it may be your indoor air is making you allergic to some substances. For example, pet hair, airborne particles, pollen etc. make you prone to allergies. Keeping carpets and ducts professionally cleaned reduce the exposure to irritants at home.
The Bad Odour

The bad smell from carpets could be the sign of mould and moisture that soak the spillage over the time and creates the bad odour.
Concentration Problem

Most people don’t even realise, how damp carpet cause concentration problems. The foul odour that you would get from carpets makes you difficult to concentrate. Even, it has been found that living in an unhygienic condition may cause neurological problems that people mostly don’t notice. Did you know the mould and mildew cause migraine, fatigue and mood swings?
Skin Irritation

If the damp carpets come into contact with your skin, it may irritate and leave you with itchy skin. It is necessary to treat such conditions on time; otherwise, it will cause bacterial or fungal infection.

So, now you may ask, often do you need to clean the carpets? Well, according to the experts, carpets need to be cleaned once in a year by local carpet cleaning services. But if you have pets, toddlers or elderly who have asthma, cleaning should be on every 6 months.