After Party Cleaning
After Party Carpet Cleaning – How To Save Carpets From Top 3 Scary Stains
17 January 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Its summer in Australia and the party flair is evidently still going on in your house. Well, there is no doubt about the fact that the joy of catching up with friends and family members and sharing some good moments with them after a long time is unparalleled. However, you also can't ignore the fact that these gatherings will give you a hard time when you have to clean it up.

Especially, with so many staple options on the table including red wine, fruit juices and others, the chances of accidental spills on the carpet is quite evident. Those spills are sure to leave behind nasty stains that you must deal with.

Well, you have to understand that you may not be successful in cleaning it all by yourself. If the process of stain removal goes beyond your knowledge, you should not hesitate further to ask for professional assistance for carpet cleaning in Riverwood as soon as possible.

But before that, here are some simple, immediate hacks for you to treat your carpet instantly after any of the adult members or child accidentally drops any liquid on the carpet.
Treating Beer Spills
When there is a party going on at your place, cans of beer ought to be there. The glasses can break with the beer spills on your expensive carpet. At that point, use the paper towels to blot as much as the liquid you can.

Beer Spills
Quick Solution:
Mix up a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent, warm water along with white vinegar. Applying the solution on the carpet and using a blotting paper for soaking up the liquid repeatedly will gradually lighten up the stain.

Dealing with Red Wine Stains
It's a summer party, and there is no way you can ditch red wine from your menu. Although, removing the stains caused by red wine can seem excessively challenging, but in reality, all you need is water and salt for treating the stain.

Red Wine Stains
Quick Solution:
Use the white blotting paper at the initial stage and then repeat the process by putting some water in it and then blotting it again. In the next step, use salt for covering up the entire area. Soon, the salt will absorb the red stain and turn pink. A thorough vacuum will help you to get rid of the salt.

Get Rid of Coffee Stains
There will undoubtedly be someone in the party who will discard every other drink when there is coffee. However, you can't discard them from the party if they end up spilling some coffee on the carpet.

Coffee Stains
Quick Solution:
As per the experts of carpet cleaning in Blakehurst, dabbing the affected area of the carpet with a piece of white cloth is undoubtedly the best solution in this case. At the next step, prepare a solution of white vinegar and dishwashing liquid soap with water and use the mixing to rub the affected area. Keep on repeating the process till the coffee stain is completely gone.

Last Words
Apart from dealing with these three ‘scariest' drinking spillages, you should also consider the lipstick marks, liquid candle wax spots or chocolate marks when you are planning for the after party carpet cleaning. In the case, you want to keep yourself free from these hassles; it is better to rely on the professionals and let them revive your carpet for the upcoming party.