Carpet Steam Cleaning for Coffee Stains
Does Steam Carpet Cleaning TRULY Eliminate Stubborn Coffee Stains?
19 June 2018 Admin 0 Comments
The thing about coffee is that it is strong in its flavour and stubborn in making stains.

For carpets, the stain from coffee is not just a degradable damage, but a minimising factor too. A coffee stain is visually unappealing. Moreover, professional staffs from steam carpet cleaning services in Penshurst believe that a longer presence of such a stain in a carpet helps in decaying the fibre to a significant degree. Hence, the removal of stain in the most effective ways not only makes the carpet cleaner, but it also turns it healthier.

To the answer of the question mentioned in the title, it must be stated that steam carpet cleaning can be considered as the perfect method to remove coffee stains. Here's how professionals do it.

Coffee Stain Removal Methods
Using Cold Water & Soft Microfiber Cloth

It is not always understandable if there is an extra level of coffee which hasn't dried up. To test the conditions, professional steam carpet cleaners use cold water to wet the stained area. Cold water helps to weaken the bond between the stain and the fibres. They prefer using a soft microfiber cloth to blot the excess coffee, which hasn't made a strong attachment with the carpet fibre.

Using Salt for Soaking Coffee Stains

Sometimes, for the nature of coffee, using traditional method involving water and soft cloth wouldn't help. For such scenarios, one needs something advanced to absorb the more stubborn coffee that is still in a semi-liquid state over the carpet. In cases like these, experts prefer the usage of salt. Yes, salt is extremely helpful in soaking up tough coffee stains to offer a cleaner platform for the steam cleaning techniques to work.

Deep Steam Cleaning for Complete Eradication

If it is eliminating that coffee stain for good, then it is time for the ultimate showdown. Deep steam cleaning uses water and a very high temperature turning the former into steam, which is projected in the carpet in a powerful pressure. The heat and the steam both work to loosen the grip of dried coffee from the carpet fibre.

If the stain comes from regular coffee with sugar, then it will definitely help in the growth of certain microbial activities. But the good news is that steam carpet cleaning effectively kills all those germs along with removing out 100% of the coffee stain. Another advantage of professional carpet steam cleaning services in Punchbowl is that, you are saved from the residue of chemicals as the said process does not involve the use of such stuffs. Hence, that distracting coffee stain gets removed in the most natural way possible. Plus, you get those added benefits.

To Conclude, Let's Give Some Precautionary Measures

The first thing to say about this matter is that one should not try DIY methods or intuitional ideas as those steps can damage the carpet permanently. Do not use hot water to avoid a stronger staining or soap to avoid soapy residue. As an added guidance, do not use the affected area until it gets dried up completely. Vacuum the area after it gets completely free of moisture. Never try to rub the fibres when stained. Try sticking to the blot method.

The rest of the thing is a spot in the carpet that never knew there was a rough coffee stain.