Get Over with the False Notions about Carpet Cleaning
Get Over with the False Notions about Carpet Cleaning
01 March 2018 Admin 0 Comments
The prevailing myths or the misconceptions regarding the carpet cleaning services that the people hold thwarts the services that a cleaning company provides in the market. The companies take several steps to ensure awareness amongst the people. The following is the list of some of the most common prevailing myths regarding the carpet cleaning.


"Any Cleanser can clean the Carpet"

any cleanser can clean the carpet

Catastrophic! Never ever think of using any of the grocery cleansers to clean your carpet. It can ruin the colour and the lustre of your carpet. The use of the local carpet cleanser contains hard salts that bleach the colour of the carpet in the name of fixing the spots.

Expert Suggests

Evading the use of the local cleanser and sticking to the one prescribed by the companies that deal with carpet cleaning in Ramsgate is surely going to retain the original look of the carpet.


"STEAM CLEANING? It will shrink my carpet"

steam cleaning

My friend, it is not any cheap quality fabric that will shrink after steam cleaning. The shrinking of any material depends on the constituents. The carpets are made up of synthetic fabric that never ever shrinks. Flush out this misconception.

Expert Speaks

Almost all the carpets can be steam cleaned. The experts know the right methods to follow the cleaning process and yes, "steam cleaning" is perfectly okay if the process is known.


"Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning? Ummm! I prefer dry cleaning"

carpet cleaning techniques

Why so? A lot of people using carpet users see dry cleaning as the safest and the best method for cleaning the carpet. Every process has cons and the pros. Opting for dry cleaning will make the carpet to be used instantaneously as compared to the steam cleaning that will make the carpet to dry for a day or two.

Experts' Opinion

Dry Cleaning is most suited for the surface cleaning. But, if deep cleaning is needed, then steam cleaning is the most preferred one.


"My Carpet does not Need Cleaning at the Moment"

carpet cleaning techniques

Most of the people fail to figure out if their carpet is dirty or not. The carpet is manufactured to hide the dirt and therefore, it will keep on getting accumulated under the threads of the carpets. By the time the dust in the carpet is visible, your carpet is damaged. Seeking carpet cleaning service will be of no utility by this time.

Experts' Believe

Opting for carpet cleaning after every 6-12 months helps in keeping the carpet healthy. Not only complete hygiene is guaranteed, but it will also ensure that the plush of your carpet remains intact for a long time.


"My Carpet is Damaged because of Vacuuming"

This cannot be true. The contemporary varieties of carpets are made to withstand the vacuuming at the utmost level. The carpets at the commercial places need to be vacuumed every day. According to the companies involved in the carpet cleaning in Kingsgrove, most of the dirt and the dust that clings to the carpet are dry and can be removed only by vacuuming.

Experts Say

The deposition of the soil for a long time damages the knot or the pile of the carpets. Properly vacuuming it to remove the dust helps to keep the carpet safe and clean for long.


The myths regarding the carpet cleaning are always harmful to the companies as well the people using the carpet. For the durability of the carpet, it is necessary to ensure that the proper carpet cleaning methods need to be followed. The professional from the carpet cleaning companies like Fantastic Carpet Cleaning take all the initiatives to ensure that the prevailing myths be debunked for a nice looking carpet.