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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?
13 February 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Jane is a housewife who regularly vacuums her carpets and rugs. She even bought a brand new vacuum cleaner recently to ensure better cleaning. With vacuuming, she also cleans her carpets with hot water to ensure all the deep filth washes away.

She feels very proud of her efforts and even recommends the other neighbourhood wives to do the same. She feels it's the best way to keep her carpets clean and hygienic.

Actually, She is Wrong!

Just vacuuming is not enough to get squeaky-clean and bacteria free carpets. What you need to is to hire skilful carpet cleaning professionals in Blakehurst (or of your existing location) and request them to clean it up comprehensively.

How Frequent Should You Clean Your Expensive Carpet?
The answer to this condescending question is difficult. It depends on the amount of filth which has settled deep inside the fabric. Generally, you should look to get your carpet professionally cleaned up after 12-18 months. Mind you this; the gap should be from the time you purchased it.

Even carpet supplying companies require you to clean your carpets properly every 12 to 24 months to maintain its warranty. If you don't, then these companies plainly refuse to honour your carpet warranty.

Breaking Down Your Cleaning Timeline
If you have no clue regarding how often you should call the experts, here putting down a few scenarios with the cleaning timeline!

If There are Kids in the House - If you are a parent, then you have to ensure that your carpets are free from bacteria, dust and dirt accumulations. With kids, you will always find spills or tiny food particles dropping into your carpet surface. That causes the fibre to degrade in quality. Plus with more foot traffic, it exudes an uncomfortable smell and makes living difficult.

Kids playing in Carpet

To prevent this from happening, you should call carpet cleaning experts every 8-12 months. If the condition is really bad, then you can also call these experts after six months.

If there are Dogs and Cats - Your pets can be very naughty and behind your back may secretly urinate on your carpets. At times they even shred or expose your carpet to dirt and muck from the garden. This makes your carpets filthy and again leads to a loathsome stench.

Pets Urinating in the Carpet

To avoid such situations, you can make an appointment with these professionals twice or thrice a year.

If You Have an Old Family Member with Breathing Issues - For the well-being of your old family members, it is mandatory to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 3-6 months. Filthy carpets also cause numerous air-borne diseases to fill up the living space, and that causes breathing problems to them.

Old Family Member with Breathing Issues

So, protect your old member from air-borne bacteria by disinfecting your carpets from experts.

Lastly, if a Member of Your Family is Prone to Allergic Reactions - If you, or say one of your family members have skin allergic problems, then a filthy carpet can increase their issues considerably. This may cause skin inflammation and also cause skin allergies.

Family Member Prone to Allergic Reactions

To ensure that you or your members don't experience any such skin allergies, you must call in experts every 6-12 months to clean your dirty carpets.

With no offence to Jane and her belief - professional cleaning is the right way to clean up your filthy and stinky carpets. And now that you know the answer to the above question - 'How often To Clean House Carpets', you have everything you need to know.

So, Contact These Experts If You Have A Carpet Which Is Looking And Smelling Dirty.