How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean and Fluffy?
05 January 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Have you bought a new sofa set for the drawing room recently? Or is it about being able to maintain your old upholstery set? You need to start with a proper planning to make sure your spending on the upholstery sets is worth of its value.

Most of the people plan to keep their upholstery clean with professional help from the experts of upholstery cleaning in Sydney. Well, that is undoubtedly a good idea to proceed with. However, you cannot call up the experts every other day to clean up the sofa set. It may be a part of the regular house cleaning activity.

Therefore, you are required to come up with a holistic planning for keeping the sofa set clean and tidy all the time.

What are the things to be included in your upholstery maintenance list?

Read on to find out.
Upholstery Maintenance - The Basics
Cleaning the stains or dark spots is another process altogether. Before going into that detail, you should carry out a few steps on a daily basis to make sure the condition of your upholstery is well.

1. Poke the Cushions Every Day
The first step to keep the sofa set fluffy is by poking and pushing those from every side. It will restrict the soft and fluffy material inside to get clotted or hard. It is more of a process of refreshing the shape of your upholstery.

2. Flip the Sides of the Cushions
Another integral part of upholstery maintenance is flipping the sides of the cushions in every two weeks gap. If those are square shaped, it will not be tricky for you to change the sides. By flipping, you need to bring the lower part to the top and vice versa.

3. Vacuum It Daily
Well, it must be quite hectic for you to dig out enough time for vacuuming the upholstery on a daily basis. However, there is no other option to this for maintaining the upholstery. Use the small nozzle of the cleaner and go deep inside the trickiest corners of the sofa set to clean up the accumulated dirt.

4. Use a Slipcover
It is undoubtedly a wise decision on your part to make sure the upholstery is well maintained. Slipcovers are available in fantastic designs and that too at a low price. It will work as a protective shield for your sofa set from stains and spillages. You can also add armrest covers to it for completing the decor.

Upholstery Cleaning - Steps You Can Take
Just like the maintenance schedule, you may also initiate a few steps to clean up the expensive upholstery you have.

1. Prepare a Home-Made Solution
Take a bowl and put one teaspoon ammonia, half cup of detergent along with one spoon full of vinegar and warm water in it. Mix it up thoroughly and use a sponge to rub it on the dirty areas of the upholstery. You can either use the vacuum cleaner or a piece of damp cloth to wipe out the dirt.

2. You Can Use Stain Resistant Spray
A lot of stain resistant sprays are already available in the market to choose from. Buy one of the reputed ones among those and spray it all over the sofa. It stops the accidental spillages to get absorbed into the upholstery fabric. You can also use your hairspray for cleaning the marks of pen and marker from the sofa.

Final Words

No matter whichever way you go for regular upholstery cleaning, you should not proceed without consulting with the specialised experts. You should not do something that can damage the quality of the upholstery fabric permanently. Be careful and make the decisions accordingly. Preparing and following a regular upholstery cleaning schedule is sure to help you in keeping your expensive sofa set clean and organised.