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Is Your Carpet the Prime Cause of Allergy Issues at Home?
27 June 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Statistically, it is proven that around 20% of household people in Australia suffer from allergies. And it's common amongst both the young and the old.

Ever thought what could be causing it? The reason for this could SHOCK YOU - it's all due to your FILTHY carpets! Uncleaned carpets become a congenial breeding ground for allergies, and the more you are exposed to these dirty carpets, the more you develop skin allergies.


These allergies remain hidden inside your carpet fabrics (and later on in your upholstery and curtains). They mix with your interior air and pollute it. Eventually, all your family members get exposed to these harmful allergies, and the issues start to take place.

Your loved ones (especially kids or aged members of your household) suffer greatly; developing complications like wheezing, itchy eyes, runny noses and skin-itchiness. If you have a member with breathing issues; for them, such allergies are deadly dangerous. It could cause them more breathing problems and in the long-run can even give rise to BRONCHITIS and ASTHMA.

Being a responsible member of your family; it is your duty to ensure that your other members don't suffer anymore. And for that, you need to take appropriate steps to keep your carpets clean and to keep your family members away from harm's reach.


You may try your hand in DIY carpet disinfection, but the truth is you will never be able to achieve the kind of cleaning that carpet cleaning professionals in Peakhurst can achieve.

How is that So...?

The answer to this is simple. They have all the necessary resources needed to achieve optimal carpet disinfection.

Whether it is:

  • Their cleaning tools/equipment.
  • Their cleaning strategies.
  • And also the way they remove all allergies and other impurities inside your carpet fabrics.
These pros know what needs to be done.


To ensure that you get eco-friendly carpets, these professionals use a 5-Way Cleansing Strategy.

i. They come to your home and thoroughly inspect your carpet condition. They do that to determine the best approach to cleanse your carpets in the first instance.

ii. Then comes the pre-cleaning vacuuming. With this step, your chosen professionals will remove whatever dust, germs and outside filth is accumulated over your carpet structure. Once the vacuuming is done, they use specialised lights to spot the main cleaning area of the carpet that calls for deep-cleaning.

iii. Once identified, these pro cleaners will spray steam over your carpet surface along with a fabric-safe detergent. The steam (and the solution) is allowed to settle inside your carpet surface so that it reach those deep corners and break down those adamant stains, germs, bacteria and ALLERGENS.

iv. As the steam cleansing is complete and completely absorbed into your carpet, it is allowed to dry off. Another round is vacuuming may be done (but that depends amongst different cleaners). But, if not, then these pros will perform a second round inspection to check if they missed some spots or not.

v. Lastly, they will deodorise your carpet making it not only look clean but also smell fresh.

You can understand how comprehensive these trained carpet cleaning agents in Kingsgrove are when disinfecting your carpets. With all the filthy components exiled from your carpet surface; they vouchsafe that your family (and YOU) don't have to suffer from allergies again.

In this way, they prove to be your best bet for cleansing your carpets and keeping your loved ones away from allergy exposure. Don't delay ANYMORE. Speak to these pros and put an end to your household suffering once-and-for-all.

If you need suggestions, you can always check out ‘Fantastic Carpet Cleaning' and speak to their professionals about your disinfection needs.

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