Know Why You Shouldn't Count Only Vacuuming As Carpet Cleaning
Know Why You Shouldn't Count Only Vacuuming As Carpet Cleaning
18 May 2018 Admin 0 Comments
We all know how important vacuuming is for your regular cleaning process and how it keeps the floor clean. Well, only vacuuming doesn't keep the carpet really clean. Now, when it comes to other cleaning methods like deep steam cleaning of carpets, you can't achieve this by yourself, and you may need to take help of professionals.

So, if you're the person worried about indoor air quality, rug or carpets need attention. Do you know indoor air is 8-10 times worse than the outdoor air quality? So, what should you do then? Call the professionals often for steam cleaning than how frequent you think it is required. Let's find what experts say in this regard.

Experts on Steam Cleaning

Opt for Professionals for Steam Cleaning

Based on the frequency of steam carpet cleaning in Punchbowl, experts opine that steam cleaners are hands-down necessary. Even, spare carpets from using DIY methods, especially, do not attempt to steam clean the carpet yourself. Steam cleaning by professionals involves high quality cleaning agents that nourish the carpet fibre, whereas, local cleaning agents give harsh treatment to and hardly extract the dust from your carpet.

Preconditioning Is Required

Preconditioning is necessary to loosen up the stubborn dirt particle. Here the cleaners play a crucial role in choosing the agents to pre-condition the carpet according to the fabric. Did you know alkaline solutions work well with the synthetic fibre carpets? On the other hand, woollen fibres need mild acidic solutions for conditioning. At the end of the entire cleaning procedure, the hot water extraction tools rinse out the pre-conditioners along with the dirt ingrained in it.

Steam Clean the High Traffic Areas Often

No doubt vacuuming is necessary and easiest way to keep carpets and rugs in a healthy condition. Well, according to the experts, you should do vacuuming once per week to keep the ingrain dust particles out of the fibres. Consider deep steam cleaning of the high traffic areas that are used by the pets and toddlers mostly.

Extraction and Drying Process

Extraction and drying process go hand in hand. It takes the required experience and good equipment that can balance the cleaning and moisture. When you want to get as much as dirt out of the carpet, it relatively means high flow rate, but you need to get the carpet dry quickly that may require a lower flow rate of water for particularly thicker carpets. When there is a lot of ingrained dirt, deep steam cleaning is required followed by extraction and drying process, that vacuuming alone cannot do.

Take the Area Rugs Out After a Quality Broom Beating

The care for area rugs may come in instructions different. According to the experts, apart from vacuuming, choose the professional carpet cleaning solutions in Ramsgate according to the area carpets. Besides deep cleaning them every six months, do a quality broom beating. All you have to do is - shake and beat the rug with a broom and keep it outside for a day.

Lastly, apart vacuuming and cleaning, experts suggest choosing a low pile. Hence, choose the carpet area rug with short fibres, as higher the layers, more dust it will accumulate. But, above all, keep it dust-free to keep the rugs healthy for a long span.