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Putting Your House On Sale? Clean Your Carpets First!
12 July 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Regardless of whether you are downsizing your living or upsizing it; you need to procure the highest selling price for your home. Plus; you also need to prevent it from being too long on the market.

Replacing old floors, converting the garage, refurbishing your bathroom or kitchen; are all effective ways to enhance both the appeal and value of your property.

But What About Your Carpets?

"Believe It Or Not; Keeping Your Carpers Clean Also Plays A Crucial Role In Influencing The Mood Of Buyers."

Example – You have lived in that house for 10 years, and due to that, you may not be able to tell if your house is actually stinking or not.

Uncleaned carpets are known to give out an obnoxious smell, but sometimes that smell is very faint and you may not be able to pick it up as quickly as others since you have been living there.

Your buyers, however, will get the smell immediately as soon as they step foot inside your house. That disgusting odour will immediately put them off.

Though interior decorations and colour schemes are subjected to individual tastes and preferences; very rarely do they prove to be the deal-breakers.

One can easily change the interior décor once they move in and settle down. But if they come across a filth-filled carpet exuding an atrocious odour (be it cat/dog urine); there’s nothing more that can put off a buyer.

What Else?

Along with its obnoxious smell; your buyers will also hesitate buying a house with filthy looking carpets; simply because of the un-hygienic factor.

"Dirty Carpets Are A Happy-Hunting Ground For Numerous Pathogens, Bacteria, Germs, Grime, Dust Particles, Mould, Mites, Etc."

As long as these bacteria and germs exist inside your carpet fabric; the living environment inside will never be congenial. Moreover, if you have seniors living with you; they will suffer from many breathing issues, skin allergies and other health complications.

Naturally, your buyers will never take the risk of buying a house with so many impurities and bacteria. Eventually, buyers will keep rejecting your offer, and you will be left with an unsold house and not to forget a pestering headache.

Do You Want To Undergo Any Of This?

Absolutely not. If that is so; then you should contact a professional carpet cleaning company in Punchbowl and ask them to disinfect your filthy carpets comprehensively!

  • These experts will come to your house, perform a pre-cleaning inspection and sort out the right method of cleaning.
  • Then they will start vacuuming the area (particularly on those main spots where the filth exists more).
  • As the vacuuming is complete; these pros will then get to the main cleaning part where they will spray industry approved cleaning solutions. You don't need to worry about these chemicals hampering your carpet quality.
If your carpets haven’t been cleaned for a while now, then they will adopt their steam cleaning approach for deeper and effective cleaning. The steam breaks down all those stubborn stains, and the high temperature will help kill the existing bacteria and germs totally.

As for its horrendous smell; these professionals will also deodorise your carpets and that too without charging anything from you.

With your carpets squeaky cleaned (without any torrid odour), it will create a good first impression on your buyers. They won't need to change the carpets or worry about the health of their elderly members.

The writing is clearly on the wall. Speak to these licensed carpet cleaning services in Oatley and arrange for a comprehensive carpet disinfection immediately. It will automatically increase your possibilities of selling your old home easily and at a great price.

Just Do It. Call These Experts. Time Is Of The Essence After All!

If you need a headstart; you can speak to the experts of 'Fantastic Carpet Cleaning' and even check out their price quotes.