Colour Marks on Carpet
Stressed with Colour Marks On Carpet? Follow the Simple Stain Removal Guide
26 March 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Has your little one changed the entire colour of your carpet with crayons or marker pens or the coloured pencil? Well, you may start panicking as soon as you find out the stains on the carpet. However, there is no point in getting stressed out or start getting frustrated with your child. They are just kids, and they will love to colour their imagination the way they want to do it, and there is no point restricting them.

It may look like a mess at the very first glance as you pay attention to the crayon colours. However, there is always a solution, and you may not believe it, but there are a lot of ways in which you can ensure the colours are entirely gone. Well, to be frank, you may find quite some DIY tutorials on YouTube that will give you some resolutions. But, not all of those are effective.

Therefore, the best solution is undoubtedly calling up the experts associated with carpet cleaning in Allawah. The professionals of Fantastic Carpet Cleaning have prior expertise in dealing with tough stains, and that's why they know exactly how to handle the situation.

Instead of following the 'half-true' videos, follow the right rules of cleaning the carpet coming straight from the industry experts. Take a look at the following.

Carpet Stain Removal

Dealing with Crayon Marks

Among the standard ways of crayon removal, the first way is the ironing method. Take a paper bag and place it over the affected area of your carpet at first. Heat up the iron and rub it gently on the paper bag. The crayon underneath the bag will melt and start sticking on the paper bag.

Tip: Don't forget to change the paper bag often so that it does not transfer the melted crayon again on the carpet. Also, never apply the iron directly on the carpet fibre as you will end up damaging both the iron and the carpet.

Another conventional method of getting rid of the crayon wax is the ice therapy. In this process, you need to use an ice cube along with a plastic bag. Wrap up the cube in the plastic bag and then apply it directly on the affected area. It will freeze up the crayon, and it will be easy to remove the stains with a knife.

Using a superior quality carpet cleaner will be an ideal decision in this case. Know the best brands available in the market that is also compatible with your carpet fibre. Rub it gently on the affected area and use a paper towel to take out the crayon colour out of the carpet.

Removing the Marker Stains Will Be Easy with Professional Help

According to the proficient professionals of carpet cleaning in Ramsgate, removing the marker stains is much more difficult than any other colour marks. Some may discourage you claiming that the marker stains will never go away no matter how hard you try. However, with professional help, nothing is impossible. They have the right equipment and are also aware of the correct methods to make sure the colour gets vanished.

Let your child colour its imagination and appoint us to handle the rest. Our professionals will make sure your carpet gets revived every time your child colour it up.