What’s The Best Way to Remove Pet Urine Smell from Carpets?
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It’s always nice to have a furry friend around the house to play with. Their adorable faces and even cuter reactions make your health melt, and all you wish to do is cuddle them the entire day. However, it’s the nature of accidents to come unannounced. Your endearing Milo can be allowed to do some silly things (like pissing on your favourite carpet) at times.

Though you may forgive Milo for being naughty, you cannot ignore the strong rotten ammonia smell which comes out from your carpet. Plus the problem expands when the urine dries off. It strains your carpet and even leads to bacteria growth. Simply put, Ignorance is ‘NOT’ Bliss in such scenarios and to remove that obnoxious smell, you should look to hire trust-worthy professionals for pet urine and odour removal services. These skilful professionals know exactly what’s required to exterminate that smell and make your carpets Ooze out the Cologne of Cleanliness.
Neutralising That Weird Whiff of Your Carpet:
Having these experts at home will present you a sign of relief. Their meticulous work methodology and their attention to every single detail will make every trace of Milo’s leaks gone for good!

Step 1
They will first start by conducting a thorough inspection of your carpet surface. For a better reading of the condition, these experts will make use specialised UV lights to aptly detect the urine extracts.

Step 2
After determining the issue, these pros will think of the cleaning method which would prove to be the best fit as per the material of your carpet.

Mind you: Experts providing the best services for carpet cleaning in Sydney will also ensure that the method of cleaning is suitable for the material of the carpet. As an obligation to upkeep the quality and colour of your carpets, they will always pick out the mode which does inflict any damage to the surface.

  • Usually, for your synthetic fibres, they will likely use a cleaning solution much like Petzyme (just an example).
  • For your woollen rugs/carpets, you will commonly find them using a Dreft solution (a mixture of neutral detergent, white vinegar and a quart of cool water).
  • And if you happen to have an oriental carpet, then the archetypical cleaning trend is mixing citrus-based natural cleaning solutions and laundry-boosting cleaners into a detoxifying solution.

Step 3
Once the method has been decided, these cleaning connoisseurs will use their industry-preferred Pet Urine Removal Treatment (commonly addressed as P.U.R.T) to cleanse your carpets. Along the aforementioned, these professionals also carry with them other popular enzyme pet urine odour neutralisers with them, bringing them out only the need arises.

Step 4
They will mark the areas containing the urine and apply the solution over it. Then with a little bit of pressure, with their tools to break down the dried accumulations! As the urine remains are removed, they will rinse it with water.

Step 5
The last step is to let the carpet dry off and once that is done, these experts will re-vacuum the area to capture whatever little residues remain on your carpet surface. They will even use a carpet deodoriser to make your carpets smell nice and fresh.

Though this is just an insight of a normal carpet cleaning approach, the methods keep changing as per different carpet conditions! However, the thing which stays constant is unblemished cleaning. You should be more concerned about the latter.

The Answer to the Condescending Question!
So the question has been answered – Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners Is the Best Way to Remove Pet Urine Smell from Your Carpet. So, the next time he leaks on your carpet, you know what to do!