Why Carpet Cleaning is Pivotal for Your Children and Aged Members?
09 January 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Most homes nowadays have carpets covering the floors. Along with the warm and cosy feeling, they help keep your feet clean and also add some aesthetics to your interiors. However, when you have small kids or elder members of the family, you have to ensure that these carpets remain cleansed properly.

The reason being, filthy looking carpets house many germs and bacteria and walking over such carpets only brings you, the kids and also your granddad/mom more in contact with them. As per an Australian Lung diagnostic centre, members suffering from complications such as breathing issues, asthma or snoring, it is primarily due to these germs and bacteria which rest deep inside the carpet fibres.

If you are still not convinced about why carpet cleaning is crucial for the well-being of your kids and aged fellows, read the below stanzas.
Existing Bacteria, Dust, Grime and Germs Causes Air Contamination
The local environmental protection agency in Australia points out - a dirty carpet retains cockroach allergens, dirt, dust, airborne toxicity, pet dander, lead, spills, particle pollution and much more. With more time and usage, those carpets start letting out a filthy smell which is never good for the health of you and your family members.

Dirty Carpets Increases Mite Infestation
You may not know it, but your home is filled with dust mites. Now, these mites are not exactly allergens but when their faeces and also a few of their body parts, that is when the exacerbation of allergies comes about. This causes severe problems to people with breathing problems or with weak lungs. Plus if your kids have cough issues, then this mite infestation can leave then coughing for hours.

Filthy Carpets Presents a High Mould Growth Percentage
Another potential danger which dirty carpets bring about is the high percentage of mould growth. This is very common in sticky, warm places much like Riverwood. That sticky sensation to your carpets, due to spills or sweat and not drying off properly but being continually in use is what brings about mould developments.

Why Vacuuming Doesn’t Count as Proper Cleaning?
Though you can vacuum your carpets 3-4 times a week, the only thing you are removing from them is the dust and debris. However, you should know that the more you vacuum your carpets, the more toxic gases it will release and that will bit by bit contaminate your interior air flow. Mites and moulds, in particular, exist deep into the carpet’s surface and thus require deeper cleansing for it to be removed.

The Apt Solution
Hiring professional carpet cleaning experts in Riverwood ensures that your carpets get a deeper cleaning. They make use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions which do not harm your carpets as well as inflict any health disease your family members. Plus these experts also ensure that your carpets are safe, does not emit any bad odour and also the colour doesn’t fade away.

  • To eradicate trapped pollutants, bacteria, dust and grimes, these experts use shampoo cleaning which sink deep into the core of the carpet and breaks them down.
  • For treating your carpets with moulds, proficient carpet cleaners will use their state of the arty drying tools to remove any trace of moisture existing.
  • As for your mild infestation, they will employ a specialised technique known as steam cleaning. With the high temperature, the mites will not survive and get terminated totally.

The process of cleaning is done after these experts inspect your carpet condition. But whatever they use, it leaves you with a carpet which not just looks fresh but smells fresh as well.

So, if you have dull looking carpets which beg for cleansing, hire experts from a recognised agency and get the job done in a professional manner!