Rugs play a vital role in shaping your rooms. They are wonderful additions to you interior. Rugs provide a focal point to your room, cover or worn or a hidden piece of carpet. They are influential in maintenance and enhancing the look of your board floor, tiled floor and make your location more friendly and warm. There are a number of rugs that are so valuable and rare that they are hung on walls and with no doubt play a major role in enhancing the beauty of your surroundings. Whatever the reason is, rugs are a functional part of any location. Being a functional household item, they also need a massive amount of care and concerns on a serious note. Take care of them, it is highly suggested to use professional assistance and help rather that making your own choices and damaging these precious.

For Rug Steam Cleaning in Sydney, Fantastic Carpet Cleaning is the most trusted name among many. We offer professional services with the help of latest techniques to deal with variety of rugs at your location. Rug steam cleaning is always focus most important part of your rug which is colour and always demand for professional care to maintain its colour and condition for a longer time period and this is the reason why we prefer to adopt the most trusted material for any particular type of rug.

A proper and regular rug cleaning helps your rugs look more charming and feel great and healthy with no dirt and dust mites in them.


  • Pre-inspection
  • Dusting / dry soil removal
  • Pre-treatment
  • Pre-cleaning
  • Washing / rinsing
  • Drying
  • Post-inspection
Rug Cleaning

Our technicians can remove moderate or heavy staining from your rugs, whether it is an old or new stain. Also, we give you a guaranteed and complete thorough cost effective service. We clean rugs either at your property or at one of our special facilities in Sydney. And, if you're not satisfied with our work, we will re-clean free of charge. How many rug cleaning companies in Sydney can offer you that?


Our professional carpet cleaning services in Sydney come with our 100% Clean Guarantee. However, there are a few more benefits for you: