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BEWARE: 5 ICKY Facts about Your Carpets and Why Cleaning is Crucial?
20 July 2018 Admin 0 Comments
For your interior decoration, carpets are a beautiful addition. Be it wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs, it makes your home neat and welcoming for your guests. But just like everything, carpets have downsides too.

As carpets are dirt catchers, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Without regular maintenance and clean-ups; you may end up having to spend more than needed on your carpets. Not to forget the impact it could have on the health of your family’s health.

Note- Even if you do manage to vacuum your carpets every week, it still houses lots of filth and unhealthy secrets.

Some Appalling Facts about Your Gorgeous Carpets!

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Here’s unveiling some icky facts about your home carpets and why you should look to get it cleaned with the help of professional cleaners.

  • Dander is found in most carpets, and the creepy part about them is that they feed on human’s skin flakes. An average human shreds around 1.5 million skin flakes in just an hour and so; you can only imagine the dander build-up it can have in a short amount of time.
  • Uncleaned carpets are happy-hunting grounds for allergens and other airborne contaminants. And with them around, the quality of the indoor air degrades considerably.
  • The same can be said about dust mites that feed on little food crumbs and like to survive in wet, humid environments. With regular spills, food bits and foot traffic over your carpet surface, they prove to be a great dwelling place for these dust mites.
  • Spores and moulds are present everywhere and when these contaminants enter deep into your carpet surface; it releases mycotoxins from their mould colony. And when that is exposed to the living environment, it can severely hamper the serenity and health of your home. It could also prove detrimental to those family members suffering from breathing issues or asthma.
  • Pests and dust mites on dying can lead to more issues particularly acting as respiratory irritants and allergens if they lie inside your carpet surface for long.
Need For Professional Cleaning:

Hiring professional carpet cleaners can do wonders for your filthy carpets. To remove the dust particles, greasy stains, water damage and other dirt fragments, these professionals perform a comprehensive inspection over your carpet and only then determine the appropriate cleaning mode to implement. They have all the latest cleaning equipment and high-powered vacuums to eliminate the existing dirt from within.

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Top-rated carpet cleaning agencies in Peakhurst will also use steam cleaning methods which involve high temperature to kill all dust mites and the rest of the filth lying inside.

They also mitigate the spread or growth of other contaminants by not leaving any traces of moisture or humidity on your carpets. By drying your carpets properly, they prevent moulds.

The most important thing about professional carpet cleaning is their field experience. Having treated so many filthy carpets over their service tenure; you get service guarantee that your carpets will be disinfected properly.

Most top-grade agencies charge nominal rates for their carpet cleaning services. Plus they also present damage coverage insurances in case something bad happens to your precious carpets.

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Hiring grade-A carpet cleaning experts in Riverwood will be the best decision for your carpet health. If anything they will make it appears as good as new.

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