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Resolve Your Queries Before Carpet Cleaning Experts Pay a Visit
24 July 2018 Admin 0 Comments
Whether you want a luxurious oriental rug or a contemporary carpet, you ought to clean it up on time to ensure it does not lose its charm. Moreover, a dirty carpet attracts pest infestation. Regular vacuuming is always recommended to ensure that the carpets don't turn out to be a reason for bad health for your family members or children.

You must realise that your DIY methods are neither going to save you nor your carpet for too long. The small particles that get accumulated under the carpet fabric, stays there for a long time and believe it or not, but your vacuum cleaner is not competent enough to drag those out of the carpet in any way. You need the professional cleaning to get rid of those which are not even visible to your eyes.

In this blog, we, the experts of carpet cleaning in Penshurst associated with Fantastic Carpet Cleaning, are trying to resolve the queries that often pop up in your mind, especially when you are counting on the professional cleaning services for the first time.

Read on to find out the answers to your questions.
Which is the best Time for Carpet Cleaning?

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Call up the professionals when you feel the need, or it is an emergency. And, if you are talking about the scheduled cleaning, winter and spring are considered to be the best seasons for carpet cleaning. In the case, you can't wait for that long and want it to have right now, when the summer is still there, feel free to make an appointment as cleaning the carpet in summer will not harm as well.
What Kind of Preparations Are Required?

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Here is a list for you to follow

  • Remove your furniture and kid’s toys that are in direct contact of the carpet.
  • Check the water and electricity connection repeatedly for the cleaners’ convenience.
  • Keep your pets at your friend’s place on the cleaning day.
  • Keep all the breakables out of the way for an unwanted mishap.
What is the Right Interval for Carpet Cleaning?

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It depends on the foot traffic in your house, to be specific. If it is not that much, steam cleaning the carpet in 12-18 months interval will be enough. However, if the traffic is high and also you have kids or pets in your house, you should increase the frequency and ask for it within 3-6 months of interval accordingly.
What Kind of Problems May Arise in DIY Carpet Cleaning?

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Honestly, a lot of problems can occur as you neither have the professional steam carpet cleaner nor known to the techniques that are to be put to use for the most exceptional quality cleaning. Moreover, the professionals of carpet cleaning in Punchbowlcan choose the right cleaning material that will soften the carpet fabric, not end up damaging it.
How Long Will It Take To Step On The Clean Carpet?

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Whether you are opting for steam cleaning or dry cleaning, you don't have to wait for a minute to step on the cleaned up carpet. Instead, you can step in right away without any delay. However, in the case you find any wet area on your carpet, you are required to wait for 10-15 minutes until it's scorched. But, with Fantastic Carpet Cleaning, there is no need to delay.

So, pick up your phone and make the call to make sure you can live in a healthy environment at all times.